Rabun Town Crier was founded in 2006, by Katheryn Granberg, a Rabun resident well-known and liked for her love of these mountains and dedication to community service. She believed an email information exchange would help unite our mountain community.

Initially, it worked like this: People sent an email to Katheryn that she would then forward to everyone on “the list.” The content was wide-ranging, from notices, observations, and requests for information, to lost/found pet alerts and items people wanted to sell, find, or giveaway.

As long as the message wasn’t deceitful or malicious, it was passed along. That meant people sometimes received a dozen or more emails a day from “Town Crier,” as it came to be called.

The format of Rabun Town Crier has changed since then, but its spirit of community service has never wavered! Today it’s a subscription e-newsletter, published weekly by longtime Rabun resident Karen Bentley. Quickly read at your convenience via phone, tablet, or laptop, it still delivers Rabun events, notices and opportunities directly to your inbox — without the trolls, bots, noise and personal exposure of social media.